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The Passport -Middle East Co. conduct all services related to the completion and termination of all administrative procedures related to Passports, the Department of Labour, the municipality and all related government departments, which include:


  • Registering companies and renewal + subscribing at the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Issuing the municipality licenses for companies and organizations and their renewals.
  • Issuing all municipal permits for all dealings.
  • Submitting requests to bring employment from all nationalities.
  • Submitting requests for the replacement of labor for all companies and organizations.


  • Renewing accommodation for companies labors and employees
  • Requests for family and personal visits for individuals
  • Family residencies
  • Visiting extending requests.
  • Submitting Visas and inquiries.
  • Medical Check for labors and employees
  • Fingerprint full procedures.


  • Contract authentication at the Labor Department.
  • Providing and modifying the required professions.
  • Issuing travel permits.
  • Requests for transfer of sponsorship.
  • Secondment requests for companies and organizations.
  • Requests for cancelling stays/residency permits.
  • The renewal of licenses for vehicles of all kinds.
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